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Construction catering was created to provide a cost effective and practical solution to on site catering needs. Be it mobile catering, building site catering or even portable canteens we ensure that construction sites have good quality food and refreshments available at the times they are needed and have found this to be beneficial to both staff and employers alike. Many of the places that we service require remote site catering and operate out of normal working hours. Obviously the requirement to provide suitable facilities for staff is essential and we have a range of services designed to fit any location or site type.

The benefit for workers is good quality subsidised food provisions including free tea and coffee, a good variety of refreshments and the ability to feed back to a dedicated service with requests and requirements listened to and acted on.

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Mobile Catering Units

We offer a comprehensive service which we can tailor to meet your site requirements. We will install and set up your canteen services. we will ensure the facility meets the required Health and Safety standards.

It is essential to provide staff at the required level to match the various stages of build and commission, according to the manpower present on the building site during the construction progress.